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Cautam un loc in care sa fim amandoi la sfarsit de saptamana, un loc in care sa ne rupem de job si strazi aglomerate si am gasit o fila de poveste la Viscri. Locatie cu printi si printese si miros de cafea proaspata savurata in hamac.
Recomand Viscri - Casa Prințul de Wales pentru experiența amintirilor din copilărie a celor care au mers la bunici la țară în vacanțe, dar nu aveau voie să intre în odaia cea bună, pentru a trăi tihna zilelor de sărbătoare, după amiezi cu liniște și aer curat, statul în drum pe bancă în fața casei, așteptatul vacilor de la câmp..pentru copiii noștri care nu vor avea parte de aceleași amintiri, sa le dăruim noi aceste experiențe și bucurie, sa ii învățam sa aprecieze tradiția și viața de la sat... Ne-am simțit foarte bine, parcă am dormit la muzeu, piesele de mobilier sunt frumoase. Liniștea din curte și albastrul ne-au cucerit.
O locație plină de farmec, gazde fără cusur! Pentru noi a fost o experiență de neuitat, pe care sper din suflet să o putem repeta cât mai curând. Vă mulțumim din suflet pentru tot! 🙏🙏🙏

Vă mulțumesc pentru surpriza plăcută!

Apartamentul este superb, la fel și întreaga locație.

Exact ce avem nevoie să ne deconectăm puțin de la " realitate ".

Buna ziua , da totul este f.frumos !! Caldura nu e problema...suntem obisnuite. 🙂 multumim mult !!

Vremea e perfecta !! Este innorat si racoare !

O locatie de vis administrata de oameni minunati! Cu siguranta vom reveni! Multumim!

Buna ziua, totul a fost perfect. Vom reveni cu drag.

O zi buna !

Cei mai mulți dintre noi, atunci când am fost copii, ne credeam prinți sau prințese, ori ne vedeam în viitor ducând un trai boem la o curte regală. În prezent, am devenit maturi, nu ne-am creat rădăcini de viță nobilă, însă avem ocazia să trăim o experiență cu totul specială în Casa Printul de Wales de la Viscri, o locație cu un aer boem din localitatea Viscri, județul Brașov. Aici vom învăța cu toții, că a duce o viață nobilă, nu înseamnă să te scalzi în bogății, ci să ai puterea să vezi fericirea în lucruri simple, în calitatea lucrurilor, să respecți istoria și tradițiile neamului și nu în ultimul rând să ai o perspectivă pozitivă asupra a tot ce te înconjoară.
We only got to view the exterior of the guesthouse in Viscri as we were on a tour of the village but highly recommend visiting this delightful village as it really is like stepping back in time! We had a wonderful morning walking around the village in glorious sunshine, horse drawn carts going past us, a gaggle of geese wandering up the road beside us and two cows plodding along behind their owner not caring at all we were there! The colours of the restored buildings area a delight to see, the walled church from which the village got its name is well worth visiting and the climb up the rather uneven and rickety stairs worth while for the views We are so glad our guide added this to our itinerary at the request of one of our group as the rest of us had never heard of the village.... it would have been a great loss to have missed it.
An 18th century Saxon house which the Prince of Wales, spellbound by the peculiar charm of the pristine landscape all around, bought about ten years ago and had it turned into a cosy,chic place to live, a heart-warming combination of royal elegance and original elements (porch, bedroom,kitchen) left intact. It's not the only reason to visit Viscri, a small village in the heart of Transylvania, ca 10 km from Brasov en route to Sighisoara, a vibrant and brightly coloured spot for some years now and the site of impressive mediaeval vestiges;e.g. its early 14th century Evangelical Church is one of the most spectacular fortified Saxon churches in Transylvania and one of the 6 such churches in the UNESCO World Heritage list. As for its newly-discovered vibe, it has been a spell of good luck..Hardly had anybody heard of Viscri before the late 1990s when two visiting Germans decided to start up a local business, different from the traditional pursuits - crop growing and animal breeding.It dawned on them to hire a number of peasant women who were to reuse scrap woolen items and knit them to make entirely new socks,mittens,jackets, caps, slippers sell back in Germany. Unexpected astonishing success as their central wholesale store in Nurnberg, supplied with tens of thousands of Viscri knitwear merchandise, soon became a kind of trading hub for such sales all around the world.Sure, it was like an engine fuelling the re-birth of a long-forgotten rural community. Visiting Viscri was - to me - was a memorable experience which, hopefully you won't regret….
This was our second visit to Viscri. The fortified church region fascinates me and this time we decided to be a guest of HRH who unfortunately was not there to greet us. Never mind - we were looked after by a very nice young lady though communication was not always easy. As Schuschu has said the place is really a miniature folk museum with original furnishings and implements in place. We visited at the end of the season, start of winter really and, to be fair, we were warned by the booking people. There is no modern heating and we had to rely on the little brick stoves, feeding them once or twice through the night. Pretty scary and dangerous things I would say. This is your last chance to see a distinctive European landscape and way of life, but you probably know that already if you are searching round here. The Volksdeutsche have departed leaving only their graves and their distinctive architecture. All around it is clear that an ancient way of life is passing if not already departed.